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Hi, my name is Bruce, aka “taxguy”, and I am a professional tax preparer. I own my own practice, L & R Tax Preparation, in Belton, Missouri. I have been doing tax preparation since 1986, and have been doing so professionally since 1999. I am by no means the stereo-typical tax professional. So if stuffy and evasive are what you’re looking for, then I, my company web site, and this blog are not where you want to be, I promise you.

Regularly I come across some article on finance or some tax information I think everyone should know. Clients, peers, and family  have told me to start a blog, to get that information to everyone, so now, here it is.

I have christened this place The Missouri “taxguy”, given that I intend to write about my work as a tax preparer. I may write about my or others entrepreneurial endeavors and, maybe, what the culture is like where I work and live, or just bluntly give out my opinion. Here you’ll find a mish-mash of these subjects, along with things that interest me and what I have to say about. I’ll be adding commentary on how practitioners work. And of course, it will cover whatever may strike me about the Internet. Admittedly, I also have a little bit of a taste for macabre news stories so if it fits the theme here, I may be talking about that too.

In this blog I will be putting out information for the general taxpayer. From “what’s new”, to reminding everyone of things forgotten, mixed with general tax information. Most of which will be written in a fashion that all will be able to understand and I hope, someone will find useful.This site will hopefully be enlightening and educational, while perhaps being entertaining as well. If you have any helpful ideas for articles/post or just advice about blogging, please Contact me.

This blog isn’t meant to offer you legal advice. For the most part I’m just calling it like it is, as I see it. A way to guide you so to speak. If you have questions, you can check out the archives and see if I have some answers. If you can’t find your answer/s, you can always try asking me. If you have real questions/problems – like you’re hiding in a closet while federal agents are banging on your door – and you need to consult with a tax professional. If you live in my corner of the world, that could be me.

The customary disclaimer:

I would like to remind everyone that I am a professional tax preparer and adviser and what I share here with you is based on my personal experiences and research, per situation and could be heavily riddled with a lot of subjective opinion. Not everyone has identical issues, and what might be a fix in one case, most likely will have serious ramifications in another case.

Read, learn, surf, lurk and form your own conclusions.

If you find anything here that is yours which you’d rather I not borrow, that’s cool — just let me know and I will take it down.

My comment policy:

1.Readers are solely responsible and liable for their comments.

2.By commenting, you grant taxguy license to use, modify, or delete all comments.

3.Link backs made by commercial sites may be deleted.

4.Policy subject to change at any time.

5.Reader questions to my email box may be reprinted and used as the subject matter in future posts.

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