L & R Statistics

L & R Stats filing 2009 returns in 2010

 This will be the first year that I am doing a prior year comparison publicly. 

  2009 2010 Change
Client increase from Last year 171% -12% -92.98%
Returns e-filed 60% 77% 28.33%
Prior year returns completed (2006-2007) 12% 1% -91.67%
Returns still waiting on info, no extension 4 0 -100%
Prior year clients who did not file & have heard from 3 2 -33.33%
Clients from last year who no showed/did’t hear from 7 9 28.57%
Clients from last year Whom were removed from client list 8.6%  


This is the first year I have not had a client increase. Sadly for different reasons I actually had a decrease in clients this year. As you can see on the grid above, I removed a good portion of clients from our client list. (Reasons varied from failure to pay to consistently omitting vital information.) The first line shows my client list lost 12%. On average from previous years this is a first, for 11 seasons.

The increase in e-filed returns I contribute to my staff for pushing the concept effectively.

I feel I really have accomplished something by not having any late filers. I do have clients with extensions, but am happy to report, only two.  Great improvement over all previous years.


Client Average information:

Single 33.30% 38.30% 15.02%
Dependent of others 3.30% 1.70% -48.48%
Married filing Joint 29.50% 41.70% 41.36%
Married filing Separate 2.20% 1.70% -22.73%
Head of Household 31.70% 18.30% -42.27%
Widower - 0.00% 0.00%  


Average Total Income $31,436.12 $35,422.53 12.68%
Average Adjustments $1,178.38 $719.35 -38.95%
Average Adjusted Gross Income $31,176.47 $35,218.72 12.97%
Average Total Tax $2,824.48 $2,936.73 3.97%
Average amount due $3,530.00 $1,352.14 -61.70%
Average Refund Amount $2,364.00 $2,987.82 26.39%


A bit of other information:

Average Bill to L & R client for tax services $166.59 $192.96 15.83%
Company income increase from last year up by 34%  
Company income increase from last year down by 17% -50.00%
State returns – Missouri – L & R Home State 52%  
And Seven other States make up the rest 48%  

Take what you will from these numbers. It is my opinion that we held our own. Revenue is zero for the most part but we have new software and new services that have come from our regular profit margin.

Last year I was asked when we were busiest. Below is a grid that shows a percentage of our returns done in those weeks.

Jan 8th  - 14th 0.00%
Jan 15th  - 21st   0.00%
Jan 22nd  - 28th 3.33%
Jan 29th   - Feb 4th 25.00%
Feb 5th  -11th 13.33%
Feb 12th  - 18th 16.67%
Feb 19th  - 25th 11.67%
Feb 26th  - Mar 4th 6.67%
Mar 5th  - 11th 3.33%
Mar 12th  - 18th 3.33%
Mar 19th  - 25th 0.00%
Mar 26th  - Apr 1st 3.33%
Apr 2nd  - 8th    5.00%
Apr 9th  - 15th 6.67%
Apr 16th    1 return

As you can see one fourth of our returns came in the first part of the month of February. My staff is to be commended highly as those all were prepared and returned/transmitted to/for our clients by mid February. Our time out was never more than two weeks. Meaning a return came in and no client had to wait long to get their completed return. That includes returns from other states. In my opinion, I have only the best people working for me, and that shows every day, every year. 

The one return on April 16th? Well, my highest profile client, had a situation that involved a specialty form with new rules from new laws, the IRS and my software provider weren’t communicating everything just so. It was resolved and accepted by the IRS until April 16th.