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There’s a lot of power in making numbers do what you want them to do.

Microsoft’s Excel, helps you harness that power.

Using templates from other users can help you use this powerful tool. Many magnificent people share Excel templates.

Now I am sharing.

There’s no doubt that folks who have experience with Microsoft’s Excel know that the program can be extremely helpful with financial management. Building your own custom spreadsheets (simple ones, at least) is fairly easy. Once you’ve learned how to make it do what you want, there’s really no limit to its number-crunching and record-keeping abilities.

What follows are custom, downloadable Excel spreadsheets that were created (most using Excel 2010) for daily, weekly, and monthly use. You’ll find these spreadsheets will help you with household budgeting, planning for future expenses, amortizing loans of various types, and tracking your debt loads. Some of these spreadsheets I use myself; others created simply because someone, somewhere asked for them, others sent to me by someone asking me what I thought.

There will be some of which are set up to accomplish tasks you probably never even considered!

One last note: These might not be the best-looking spreadsheets out there, but they do their job.

I will be adding to this continually.

Excel worksheets

  1. Paycheck Calculator -using 2011 Tables (you will be able to update yearly with new tables from IRS Publication 15


Now you often get what you pay for, the goal here is to give you what you want.

Or guide you to where it is.

I use Excel spreadsheets extensively in managing my personal finances as well as helping my clients. Here’s a list of personal finance Excel spreadsheets available for download, as well as a description of each one. Go ahead and modify these as you see fit, so they work best for you. And remember, you can download, use, and distribute these personal finance spreadsheets, as long as they are distributed in their original form.

It’s usually a good idea to be very specific in your search for free Excel templates. But, if you are interested in just browsing through websites for examples of Excel techniques, tips, etc. then listed below are the best sites for doing just that!

Vertex42′s Free Templates

Free Excel Templates

We’ve created many different templates over the years for everything from calendars to home budgets, timesheets, loans, and gantt charts. We hope you find them useful.

Free Office Templates from Microsoft


Microsoft actually provides many free Excel templates. They also include Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access templates, too. They are nicely organized by categoryand you probably can find the templates you are looking for. It’s not surprising, though, that many of the templates they list are actually provided by KMT Software, Inc. (i.e.TemplateZone).

Free Example Spreadsheets at Ozgrid.com

Free Excel Spreadsheets at www.ozgrid.com

This list of free excel downloads is great if you are looking for examples to demonstrate various advanced techniques in Excel.

If you are a beginner, it will probably be worth your while to get a good book. Click here to see our recommendation.

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